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Professional labels printing supplier


Pharmaceutical Labels

We work closely with our supply chains to develop quality products.


Health Care Labels

Major supplier to hospitals as in health care labels.


Our Commitment

We strive to help healthcare providers to work efficiently. Our label and clinical program delivers information to your customers with consistent high-quality printing.

Research & Development

We are in a continuing quest of designing and building modern, cost-effective and sustainable new investment for our customer. We have invented our patented computerised labelling system РSmart Labelling System (e-SLS) and proudly launched in year 2014.

Reduce , Reuse and Recycle

We leverage our in-house expertise, technology and capabilities to assess the environmental impacts of the products we manufacturer. Our holistic approach considers the environmental implications of the film and paper labels, adhesive and liners we sell to our clients.

Focus on Quality

Our strong focus on quality and performance has helped us to become a leading supplier of pressure sensitive label materials.