Labels Overview

Look inside the label

Whether you order self adhesive paper or film, these components – face stock, adhesive, release coating and release liner – must all work together seamlessly to create the label quality and performance that your business requires.

Paper and film products designed to meet your application needs for

  • Good looks – providing a gloss, matt, clear, opaque, textured, holographic, colored or metallised visual effect
  • Printing properties – high resolution printing and contrast or any other printing methods.
  • Conformability – for labeling complex shapes and squeezable packaging
  • Safety – meeting all relevant industry and regulatory requirements
  • Resistance ensuring that the labels will remain useful for the lifetime of the labelled goods
  • Cost-efficiencyfor striking the right balance between economy and performance
  • Sustainability – working with partners to reduce product environmental footprint and develop sustainable solutions that benefit the entire value chain

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