Smart Labelling System (e-SLS)


e-SLS was well developed by Hj Shamsi and Pakar Rekacetak Sdn Bhd on April 2014. We were designing our system and label by conducting usability tests, surveys and uncover insights while working hands-on with leading experts in the field. On 7 May 2014, the system was officially launched at Pharmacy Hospital and Klinik Kesihatan.

A computerized labelling system for the usage of Pre-Packing & Unit Dose in hospital’s Pharmacy. The system also align with PhIS for PrePacking module.


1. COMPUTERIZED – no manual handling.
2. USER FRIENDLY – preset setting with just clicks & easy filling of data input.
3. SAFE & TRACEABLE RECORD KEEPING – data is kept in the computer and easily tracked.
4. Development of “BURSTING LABEL” for Unit Dose (solving problem of previously “HARD-TO-BURST” Label).
5. COST EFFECTIVE –“print when needed” & no keeping of too many labels.
6. TIME SAVING – use of 1 standardized label compared to 2 labels earlier.
7. COMPETITIVE PRICE & QUALITY SERVICE – from installation to maintenance.