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About Us

Pakar Rekacetak is an established bumiputera company that is registered with Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. As both a manufacturer and distributor of label supplies and clinical programs, we have help healthcare providers achieve both clinical and financial success.

We are specialized in self-adhesive labels using paper, film and foil for consumer packaging, instruction labelling and product identification. Besides that, we even supply barcode printer, scanner and thermal transfer ribbon. We provide guidance in both hardware and software.

We have more than 10 years of experience in labelling, thermal transfer ribbon and hardware industry. Thus, we truly understand our customer’s needs. We also provide consultation to our customers, advising them the most suitable material for their application.


It is our commitment to fulfill the demand of high quality products set by the Health Ministry. Our products are well inspected through a tight quality control process to meet the desirable quality.


Our Vision

To be a leading company that produce quality products and deliver values to health care providers and end users with cost efficiency. To be recognized as a company that contributes to the community and environment.

Our Mission

To deliver the best possible solutions to our customers by providing quality products with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation.

Business Ethics

Corporate Governance & Ethics

We are guided by our established standards of corporate governance and ethics. We are constantly reviewing our systems and structure to ensure we achieve best practices in terms of transparency and accountability.


We integrate our mission with our responsibilities. We contribute our knowledge resources impartially in serving our public purposes.


We have a social responsibility,a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others.

Our Commitment

At Pakar Rekacetak, we strive to help healthcare providers to work efficiently. Our label and clinical program delivers information to your customers with consistent high-quality printing that is quiet, accurate and fast. This innovation allows you to serve your customers in an efficient manner without being forced to cut corners.

Every detail of our product are carefully considered, we design our product in such a way by conducting usability tests, surveys and uncover insights while working hands-on with leading experts in the field. We understand that the best products are the ones our customers use to their fullest potential.

From proven clinical programs and supply chain services, and supplies at a value, we deliver solutions designed for every healthcare setting and strive to make healthcare affordable for all.

Our responsiveness and commitment in advancing the healthcare industry is evident in our actions every day. This is why customers choose us as their trusted business partner.

Our People

Pakar Rekacetak growing team is built to scale along with thousands of new customers every day. We’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, research, and customer support.

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